North Sails x Prada

North Sails by Prada at Trapeze Clothing

America’s Cup is the oldest trophy in international sport – it really doesn’t get much more heritage than that! It is known across the globe not only by those who are passionate about all things nautical, but also by all sports lovers alike. It has that same epic aura as events such as the Tour de France or the Olympics – but it predates them both with ease. The first year of the competition in fact took place in 1851, which happens to be a good 45 years before the first modern Olympics and even further before the first Tour de France. It is an event therefore which has a rich history; it is also an event which they like to do in style. The 36th America’s Cup, which is to take place in Auckland in 2021, happens to be hosted by Prada and, to mark the occasion, the renowned sailing company North Sails teamed up with Prada to produce an unforgettable range.

This is pretty exciting on many different levels. Firstly, the competition itself will be able to present the ‘Prada Cup’, a beautifully crafted cup made by world-renowned designer Marc Newson and handcrafted by Florentine silversmiths. There is no doubt that this cup will become an iconic part of sailing history. In addition the America’s Cup, as a spectacle and as a competition, will be able to bring together the most prestigious of sporting institutions with the most elite of luxury clothing brands. But, on top of this, it is also exciting because it has brought together the creativity of North Sails and Prada. There is nothing more elegant and attractive than Prada in their sporty mode, and this collection shows this off in some high style.

A meeting of minds and styles

North Sails began back in 1957 by the American sailor and Olympic gold medalist. It began as a company solely focused on producing pioneering sailing technology, however now this has been joined by a deep passion for creating some of the finest sailing apparel on the market. We perhaps need to say little about Prada that has not already been said! However, in this context, something that is particularly interesting to consider is Prada’s place at the very top of the luxury clothing ladder. They are perfectly placed indeed to be brought into the forefront of such a prestigious event – and we all benefit because of the clothes which have come out of this venture with North Sails!

North Sails x Prada at Trapeze Clothing

Their collection is utterly beautiful. There is something in the economy of each piece of design which is deeply appealing. The clothes combine rich luxury and practicality, as they have all been approached from the perspective of nautical activity. This level of pared down economy plays out in the colour scheme, which is a simple but effective red, white and navy. Here at Trapeze we are super thrilled to be able to present some beautiful pieces of clothing from this legendary collection. Take a look through the range online and you will be able to take a look at some super stylish caps, jackets, polos and gilets.

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