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How to layer up in the summer

When summer comes around once again, it’s not just a time for shorts and t shirts. Although the hotter weather means that this is sometimes the go-to motive, those long, light evenings can sometimes call for a few layers to be brought into the mix.

Capture the summer mood

Layering up acts as that ideal method of transitioning from daytime to evening and nighttime clothes. The evenings and the nights are there to be enjoyed throughout the summer months, so why not do so in some style?

Although you might think about winter, autumn and the earlier stages of spring as being the prime time layering periods, you don’t want to overlook it as an option throughout June, July, August and beyond whilst the evenings still have a bit of legs left in them in September.

Keep things vibrant

When the sun comes out to reacquaint itself with us after a long holiday away, this can make people sink into the same old routine of standard and repetitive shorts and t shirt combos over and over again. To add in a bit of interest and character to matters, lightweight layering can give you a great means of breaking out from the norm. And this is what layering up is all about: make sure you explore varieties of texture in your layers to create the most compelling look.

You should also not just flock to the lighter colours. Although swapping in a light colour here and there for a normally darker shade in your look can be a smart move, you should not shy away from exploring some darker tones too.

Long-sleeved t shirts

As well as having the trusty short sleeved t shirt at the ready for your daytime plans, you might want to think about how you can bring the long-sleeved t shirt into play for the evenings, as well as for those summer days when the sun is, shall we say, coming over shy all of a sudden. Sitting somewhere nicely between the standard short sleeved t shirt and the sweatshirt, the long-sleeved t shirt will provide a strong look whilst not being too heavy for the situation.

long sleeve t shirtshort sleeve t shirt


One of the best friends that you will have though when you are looking into the ways in which you can explore the layered look this summer is the overshirt. A little thicker than a standard shirt, but still not overly weighty, the overshirt gives you a nice opportunity to swap out your heavier jacket for something more appropriately light for the time of year. If you are going to go for a jacket, make sure its not heavy-duty, and even then, it might only be a feasible option if the lining can be removed.

lightweight overshirt

T shirt + Cuban Shirt Combo

An absolute classic when it comes to summer layering, the t shirt underneath the Cuban shirt creates an eye-catching juxtaposition between the outlandishness of the Cuban shirt and the simplicity of the t shirt. A plain crew neck t shirt for the underlayer will do the trick. Then the Cuban shirt can go in many directions, really. From Hawaiian shirt styles to something with more of a single colour design, the brightness of the shirt simply screams summer vibes.

short sleeve cuban shirtdesigner t shirts

Layered patterns and prints

One final tip is that sometimes the design of the single item of clothing can do the same work as layering multiple pieces. So, if it really is that hot that you can’t bear the idea of whacking on any extra layers, you might be able to allude to the feel of layering up by opting for a single t shirt or shirt with a pattern or print which seems to break the single item of clothing up a bit.


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