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Layering up in the winter

Each season of the year brings with it certain challenges and opportunities when it comes to how to dress well. In the winter, and the early spring, you are going to be contending with colder conditions. Because of this, we think that this period of the year should be seen as the perfect time to layer up.

High quality hoodies

One of the classics in so many situations, the hoodie once more comes in to save the day in the winter. What is great about layering up with a hoodie is that it can lend your look a kind of laid back style. At the same time, when you go for a luxury hoodie, the likes of which we have in abundance in store, you will also be treating yourself to ultimate comfort. This is all whilst you are adding textural interest to your outfit.

men's navy blue hoody

Thicker shirts

Shirts come into play in many different ways through the year. In the winter, it can often be desirable to find some thicker shirts, which can almost work like thin jackets. You might want to take a look at the flannel shirts by Portugese Flannel that we have here at Trapeze. A good, well-made and fashionable shirt will add in another warming layer to your look. You can then also put another, more substantial layer on top of the shirt, such as a jacket, for when it becomes a little more chilly outside.

men's flannel shirt

Substantial jackets

It is all very well having a number of thinner layers in the winter, but you will also need that substantial, main outer layer in order to really keep you warm and dry. This is where the jacket comes into play. It is very much the winter essential, and when you go for a quality, luxury jacket, you can be safe in the knowledge that you will have a sturdy and stylish outfit classic to rely upon for a long time to come.

men's bomber jacket

Fresh tracksuit tops

There are now a wealth of finely crafted, highly fashionable and super comfy tracksuits on the market thanks to the recent streetwear explosion. You might especially like the design of a tracksuit top we have available in our ranges, and think that it has the kind of colours to it which would make it look good combined with some other layers. If this is the case, you should know that it can work wonders in the same kind of way as a hoodie can when layered on top of a t shirt or a shirt. Tracksuit tops will in fact generally be thin enough so that not only the jacket but also hoodie can be placed over the top of them.

men's black sweatshirt

Cosy sweaters

For a outfit that both looks and feels like a lovely slice of winter cosiness, the sweater is going to have to be there in the mix. Sweatshirts have that awesome quality of being able to give your look a rich and appealing character, especially when they are part of a well thought-out winter ensemble. This is where the bulk of your outfit colour can be set, so that you can build outwards from this central layer. Do think as well about incorporating other items of knitwear into your look. They can give a layered outfit an organic feel which will be sure to look attractive.

men's designer grey jumper

Designer t-shirts

With all these extra layers, we cannot forget about what will nevertheless still be there to start it all off: the t shirt. You will find that a high quality t shirt will be, oddly, just as important in the winter as in the summer. This is not only for the purposes of comfort. It is also to do with the fact that it gives you the opportunity to layer down too. This means you will still look good when you find yourself inside in a warmly heated house, restaurant, bar, pub, or any other toasty location.

mickey mouse men's t-shirt


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