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What is Streetwear Fashion?

The term 'streetwear' roots from the 1970's and 1980s Calfornian skate and surf culture which then went global in the 1990s. The lively, rebellious and creative mix of punk, early hip hop and skate scenes in the 70s it seemed carried such energy that, even when the specific original movements gradually diffused, the overall feel of the movements remained just as white hot and focused, and this heat was channeled through the urban fashion styles which they spawned.

What is streetwear clothing?

More than just the clothing

And in fact this growing trend, from a small subculture to a thriving scene and out into the farthest reaches of the world, stretches out beyond the realms of just clothes. You see the shift in all kinds of artistic and creative realms, from music to literature to the visual arts and beyond. The shift is part of a wider change whereby everything is a little bit less top-down and a little bit more democratically organised.

What is being created is being popularised by real people a majority of which are millennials, by diverse styles that originate on the streets, in the skate parks, parties, bars and clubs, and wherever else within the urban environment that creative people with an irreverent edge are spending time and inspiring each other.

In the know

In this way, you could say that one of the central innovations that streetwear lays down on the table is that it is not the same elitist game which the fashion industry at one point exclusively was. Yes, fashion still goes together with money, and with privilege to a certain extent, but it can't be denied that the ethos of streetwear is far more from the ground up than the reverse.

The done thing now is not so much to do with being able to splash out on an item of clothing that only the top 0.1% are going to be able to afford, without even thinking all that much about what that item of clothing actually looks like. Cultural capital outweighs the dollar. Therefore the element of exclusivity comes into the equation instead, simply through know-how. It's more about keeping your ear to the ground, exploring what is out there, keeping an eye out on the street for fresh looks, and generally keeping up with the wave.

The high end of the fashion world is no longer a space that is kept hidden from real people going about their day. Now, the everyday, the casual, the luxury and the high end realms flow freely into each other to mix and mingle, and the clothing that is created as a result is much better for it.

A scene in motion

It should not be a surprise that, when we are talking about a style of fashion which is to do with widening the amount of people who are accessing and influencing the looks involved, we are certainly talking about a diverse and fluid style.

There are a few things however which seem to stand strong in the streetwear look, and that is that the clothing, however it is designed, it always centres on the casual classic of t shirts, hoodies, jeans, sweatshirts, sweatpants, sneakers, caps, tracksuits, and all those kinds of items of clothing which usually would have resided a million miles away from the interest of high fashion. (Well look who's come crawling back....)

Streetwear at Trapeze Clothing

Learning about streetwear fashion is one thing, but it's best to explore the world for yourself, and Trapeze is one of the best places to do that, as it's something that we are very passionate about.

The great thing about our collection is that we have samples of some of the legacy and luxury brands taking on streetwear influenced approaches and doing wonders with it, and then we also have the best of the indie labels too.

Take a look through the selection that we have from Billionaire Boys Club, Versace Jeans Couture, Daily Paper, Love Moschino, CP Company, Iceberg, Android Homme and Mallet Footwear and many more streetwear clothing brands, and you will see it all put into action with charm, flair and tonnes of character.


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